3. HC: Tortos



Blood DK is actually pretty strong for H Tortos. 1 Blood Worm pop = everyone’s shield gets maxed.

First off have your priest switch to halo for this fight it is very good for topping shields up quickly

if you can manage to kite those adds with your monk (he doesnt have to have gear, just stamina) and sub in a 3rd healer (you have a 3rd healer, dont you?), you will have an easier time killing this boss than what you try now.

Monk kiting the bats makes it super easy. Dk can kite easily as well. Disc is pretty pathetic on this fight and should go holy or swap for the other healers.

Your DK should be able to kite the bats, especially with help from your hunter MDing. You also have a lock, mage and rogue that can help control the bats.

Crystall Shield Weak Aura:


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