T16: 14-Garrosh

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Garrosh 25HC Method Killvid (P1-P3 sind ähnlich Normal Mode – daher gut bzgl. Positionierung)

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  1. Am 29/10/2013 sagte Wiking:

    Zu den Minion of Y’Shaarj Adds in P2:
    Diese haben 3 Mio Leben im 25er und es sind immer 6 davon. Wenn sie Sterben heilen Sie alle anderen Minions im Umkreis von 8y. Diese geheilten Minions haben dann 200% Leben und machen 200% Schaden – dieser Effekt kann sich mehrmals wiederholen. Sie sind Stun/CC/Tankbar. Wir haben 4-5 Mio Raiddps auf Singletarget – wenn alle richtig wechseln sollten die also in 4-5 Sekunden down sein.

    Die Einschläge von dem Wirbel(durch die dann die Minions spawnen) machen übrigens 250k DMG auf 8y.

    – Your melee should be helping out on the adds as well, they’ll be out back with the ranged to avoid the whirling corruption anyway, and afterwards they should be sticking around to help cc/dps the adds instead of going straight back on Garrosh.

    – Making sure they’re killed apart from each other (so they don’t buff each other), even if that means waiting until they settle in a good position, is more important than trying to zerg them down asap I think you’ll find. So if you have any trigger happy raid members ask them to cool it a little. They honestly don’t have much hp if they aren’t buffed, so it’s often worth it to wait for them to be in a good place before 2-shotting them.

    – Your dpsers should be trying to get aggro on an add asap and pull them away to be killed alone. It helps if you think of them as anima golems, you have to get aggro and control on them asap which can mean hitting them with a direct damage spell immediately instead of something like a dot, so they don’t have time to wander off.

    – If you find they are all getting drawn to your MT which makes killing them difficult, have him turn off righteous fury or things like that just for that period, your dpsers should be focusing on cc/snaring the adds as well so they shouldn’t be getting far. Again, they don’t actually have that much hp and spending a gcd to put up a snare like hamstring or something is worth it, having control over the adds is just as important as killing them quickly.

    – This depends on how you guys are moving around the room to place your desecrates, but I’d suggest having your raid spread loosely at one the corners for this part. You want the desecrate nicely out of the way so you can group up quickly to deal with the mc that comes soon after.

    – This is all for p2, once you get him to 10% and he goes into p3, we just pop heroism and tunnel garrosh, ignoring any adds and only having dps switch to break people out of mc.

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