T16: 6-Iron Juggernaut


  • 2 abwechselnde Phasen
  • Immer 8 yards verteilt stehen
  • Zeug am Boden ausweichen
  • 3. Tank zum Bomb soaken?
  • Kurzguide


Assault Phase 1 lasts for 120 seconds.  Avoid ground damage, avoid mines.  Pummel boss.  Do a tank swap.

Siege Phase 2 lasts for 60 seconds.  Have an object behind you (fence, building) for his big knockback.  Don’t kite the Cutter Laser through Explosive Tar.  Use Defensive CDs (personal + raid).  We killed it mid-way through his 2nd Assault Phase.

For Prot warriors out there, I found it very helpful to use heroic leap and charge to get to the Crawler mines faster. I used the Double Time skill and may use Glyph of Long Charge next time as well. It avoided any kind of fall damage by using these after being blasted up in the air by the mines.

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