T16: 9-Malkorok


  • 1. Phase: Alle verteilt stehen wegen dem in-den-Luft-Werfer Seismic Slam
  • 1 Person wird eingeteilt zum marken der Arcing Smashes
  • Void Zones Imploding Energy gibt es 7 Stück. Muss je 1 Spieler soaken mit einem 100% Schild.
  • 2. Phase: Alle vor dem Boss sammeln. Deff CDs einteilen für diese 20 sec Phase
  • Hero zu Beginn. Personen mit DoT rauslaufen


DK: If you want a significant boost on the Miasma shield from the get go, summon a ghoul/army pre pull and death pact it right when the Miasma is applied.

Schammy: Use  Glyph of Shamanistic Rage to self-dispel yourself in the second phase. This will help the healers a lot.

Schammy: Astral Shift will let you soak the void zones without losing your shield in Phase 1.

Schammy: Use  Ancestral Guidance on the pull with your cooldowns to help stack up a massive shield on the raid.

Mages: On the Malkorok encounter, Temporal Shield does not work as one might expect. Mages are accustomed to using this ability for predictable, strong attacks, so it may seem natural to use it on this encounter to soak the  Imploding Energy void zones. However, the  Ancient Barrier mechanic prevents you from actually taking damage (the damage is considered „absorbed“), so your  Temporal Shield will only trigger if you end up using your entire Barrier and the damage dips into your actual health.

As such, you should probably use  Ice Barrier on this fight.

Mages: http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/3037-siege-of-orgrimmar-mage-style/#entry34566

Heiler: A particularly problematic moment of the fight is right at the pull, when no one has any shields set up and everyone immediately starts taking damage from Ancient Miasma. You should find ways to get a lot of burst healing as soon as the fight starts. For example, you can have the raid group up on top of Restoration Druid Wild Mushroom Icon Wild Mushrooms.

2 Antworten zu T16: 9-Malkorok

  1. Am 27/09/2013 sagte Wiking:

    Weiß wer ob rallying cry vom warri am Anfang Sinn macht/funktioniert?

  2. Am 30/09/2013 sagte Wiking:

    tip: – macro für setzen einer farbe:
    /click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton
    /click DropDownList1Button1

    1 = blau säule
    2 = grüne säule
    3 = lila
    4 = rot
    – Buttonamen durchwechseln für mehrere buttons

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