ToT – 12. Lei Shen


Use hero at 20% so it serves as a healing CD too. Use raid CD’s for later thunderstrucks, Aura Mastery being very strong here.

Verschieben der Power Bar: /move PlayerPowerBarAlt

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  1. Am 29/04/2013 sagte Monzter:

    Ein schöner ausführlicher Textguide (englisch) inklusive möglicher Fehlerquellen und Screenshots zu den verschiedenen Fähigkeiten:

  2. Am 29/04/2013 sagte Monzter:

    aus MMO-Champion:

    What we found the easiest was to break static shock first as it was the only dangerous conduit for us, and then in the 2nd transition we level up the diffusion chain since the adds are trivial and even DPS can facetank them no problem. We generally have 3-4 of the level 2 adds alive going into the final phase and they die quickly and pose no threat. I would split groups at first as: 2 tanks, monk healer & rogue (people who can solo soak static shock), and then 2 DPS and 1 healer in each of the other 2 squares. Put the 2 tanks in the static shock quadrant and just have them spread out to the 2 weaker groups for the second transition. We tried the fatboss strat and wiped about 12 times, then switched to this strat and killed it immediately.

  3. Ja – Healiocnetric ist sehr zu empfehlen! :)

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