ToT – 8. Primordius

Icy Veins Guide:




Aufstelling Taktik 1: We tank the boss in the middle and assigns all the dps to a lane of adds to single target down. Once all the dps is mutated, we use bloodlust and the tanks begin kiting the boss around the room in a manner that causes the adds to clump up behind Primordius but never reach him. All dps burns the boss until the mutation is over and then we begin aoeing the adds behind Primordius. Dps continues to mutate when possible and burn the boss. Make sure you maintain a 5 yard distance between players during acidic spikes and have everyone get inside the circle for caustic gas.

Aufstellung Taktik 2: We kited the boss round in a circle tankswapping on about 8 stacks or whenever the debuff dropped.
Non-tanking tank killed adds with his buff.
DPS focused on killing adds in front on the boss (in the direction he’s being kited) to reduce the number of adds getting to him.

Tanks will do a „dps“ numbers on this fight due to the insane stacks of vengeance and on some attempts, healers sometimes aren’t getting fully mutated at all. The buffs help healers!

Paladin: hand of purity

Disc: If you have a disc priest, make sure he fully transforms so he can smite the boss for full damage.


  • Each dps gets assigned to a lane and gets fully mutated as soon as possible. When all 5 of them are transformed, blow BL.
  • Ranged dps should kill a few extra adds for healers.
  • When fully mutated runs out, people should get transformed again asap.

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